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Past and Present

Via San Marco (Now: Via Roma)

The history written on the cobbled streets of ancient bricks of stone, worn by time, and the memory of the people met in every corner of Gragnano, tell us of the famous Via Roma and the "City of the 100 Pasta factories".

Via Roma, built and designed for the display of rows of rods of spaghetti lying in the sun and fresh sea breeze coming from Naples and Amalfi, was the ideal place for drying Pasta. Each building was a factory and every family had one or part of it.

1870, the Year related to the "Fabbrica di Paste Di Martino, Mariconda and Buondonno", is the prelude of the Factory Buondonno in the early '900 in Via Roma and directed by Andrea Buondonno. His 11 children, some of whom moved away from Gragnano, preferred to explore new approaches to life, like ecclesiastical, philosophical, and musical.

As testimony of the great sense of affection and belonging to his homeland, Maestro Enrico Buondonno, eldest son of Andrea, awarded the Croce D'oro Pro Ecclesia et Pontificie, composed the hymn to Saint Sebastian, Saint of Gragnano and the soundtrack of the movie Francis Jester of God which consecrates the collaboration with the neorealist director Roberto Rossellini.

From 1500 till today, time hasn't stop for people from Gragnano, who continue, with tenacity and success, the work of promotion and sales of Pasta's quality craftsmanship that has received the recognition of the P.G.I.

Fun, taste, cultural identity and sharing love for Pasta, are the principles I relive, with passion and interest, one of the vocations of the family to which I belong

Andrea Buondonno

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